Organiser's Bonus Offer

"A little something for all your hard work"

A lot goes into organising a party.

Not everyone can do it. Often it's a thankless task. We know it can be hard work, which is why we feel the organiser deserves a little treat.

We've noticed that we often pay a generous commission to various concierges, party planners, venue finders and general middle-men. Usually they receive this money for doing very little.

We'd prefer to pass this money on to you.

So in 2018, as the party organiser, book an event direct with Gauthier Soho and afterwards we'll give you a gift voucher to the value of 5% of your total party spend, for you to use at a later date. Come back for dinner. Spend it on wine or gifts in the Gauthier Shop. Or just give it to a friend. Just give yourself a little pat on the back - you deserve it.

Call events manager Samuel now on 0207 494 3111 or email quoting 'Organiser's Bonus'.

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